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Linux user of former Windows background. FOSS advocate and developer. Also a fan of BSD, retrocomputing, permacomputing, pubnixes, self-hosting and Cybersecurity. Runs a personal tech support business. Quality Control for @tenacity@fosstodon.org.

2nd person ever on the Interverse, other than @gabriel@mk.gabe.rocks.

Here before the Twitter Migration. Never signed up for Twitter. Tech YouTubers are welcome to the fediverse.

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YouTube uses adblocker on YouTube

re: ???
@jacksonchen666 It won't die as long as there's still a healthy amount of users. I'll still use Xorg.

Oh by the way, this made me hit 777 statuses! This is now the 778th.

@james @asahi95 I always run this on an old laptop to rip CDs. It also automatically adds metadata for things like the album, artist, etc.

Oh, it looks like linuxrocks.online is back online. The domain kinda makes for a cool rhyme.

The folks at ABC News really did an amazing job putting together this visual representation of HaveIBeenPwned data, to easily show what's really out there about you.

Fun fact: I tested it both with my old Gmail account that I used for almost two decades (and that I've used to sign up to all kind of services over the years), and with my personal self-hosted email address that I've basically used to only sign up on services that I host myself.

Guess which email address was included in 20+ data breaches and which was included in none? Even if my self-hosted email address is publicly listed on the web, it doesn't appear in any data leaks.

Of course, that doesn't mean that my services are airtight and impossible to break. It just means that the larger the pool of users, the bigger the efforts that criminals put. You don't put in a few days or weeks of work to get your hands on a db dump with a few tens of users.

The best way of avoiding your personal information to be leaked in data breaches is to avoid the large services that are most likely to attract most of the breachers' efforts.


E2EE is really driving governments crazy. Political representatives are becoming morbidly obsessed with spying into their citizens' conversations and they've stopped using excuses.

Spain has apparently stopped pretending that they're doing it for the kids (that's always been a dumb excuse to start with). They're clearly stating that the government needs the ability to decrypt everybody's conversations, period.

I'd propose a simple idea for political representatives who talk against encryption. If any of them ever says again "it should possible for governments, and nobody else, to safely break E2EE, without any risks for privacy and security", they should be fired on the spot.

I'm sick of hearing boomer politicians with no clue of how computers work repeating this stale piece of bullshit again and again. I'm sick of their surveillance morbidness paired with their deep arrogance and ignorance. An incompetent employee who doesn't know what he/she is talking about and is in a position where their ignorance can do great harm should be fired without appeal, period.


okay, computer upgrades are in:
- 2 new Noctua case fans, they're actually silent during normal usage
- new Corsair AIO water cooler, it works pretty well
- new nonsensical Corsair iCUE RGB controller, why do I need this
- 2 new Corsair fans for the AIO radiator, it makes some noise but overall is still bearable under normal scenarios
- 1 cut on my hand
- 1 panic attack over a standoff not screwing properly

but at least my computer's overall under 60 degrees Celsius, at most 70 degrees in-game.

@BrodieOnLinux If the way to make Linux popular is to make it nothing like Linux, then most current Linux users will just move to BSD, as the joke goes.

I run Linux because it is the easiest way to run a mostly OS, I use Arch because it gives me a feeling of true control over my computing experience, I run DWM because I love how barebones it is, and it only does what I want it to do.

If the only way to make more people use Linux is to make it Windows, than please don't.

linuxrocks.online is currently down. I guess I'll use this as my Mastodon account, should I?

Now I'm wondering about all the followers I have transferred to that instance from Starnix. I don't think the archives I download contain lists of my followers, but I was able to export the list of accounts I followed from that instance. I could probably import that into social.sdf.org and make that my main account. Or I could make this Pleroma instance my main account. Either way SDF is pretty much the only active Mastodon account left (other than my one Starnix alt).

Also I'm glad @CJLinuxGamer and @atlas_core both have alts outside of that instance too.

I hope linuxrocks.online isn't dead. I had a lot of followers transferred to that instance. It was one of the few surviving neutral instances left. But in the worst case I got my own instance, as well as Starnix Pleroma and SDF Social. I also kept my old Starnix account just in case.

The real takeaway from the bug restoring deleted tweets should be in recognizing that those tweets were never actually deleted

@CJLinuxGamer @LinuxGamer @CJLinuxGamer I can't seem to access it either. I didn't care because I'm not using that account as much right now. My own Pleroma instance seems to be working just fine.

linuxrocks.online is down? So I can't access my account @LinuxGamer .

I have to respect mstdn.social's efforts at being an actually good, general instance for "everyone". It's probably one of the few that are this popular, this general, and somehow retain good moderation practices, doesn't have an unreasonable administration team, and doesn't defederate everyone just because.

@gabriel When I get back on my desktop on KDE, I should try it. I've only tried a bit of Konqueror (didn't pass), and I've tried Gnome Web and Chromium on Linux too. Now that Falkon has finally been updated, I think it's a good time to try it.

@gabriel I'm using my own instance a lot more these days, so I consider this basically my main account again. You can continue to tag this.

Mastodon was really meant for a large audience, but I haven't really enjoyed it so I'm back here.