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This is my personal account, hosted on my own server. Lower volume timeline over here, don’t expect me to accept your follow request.

GNU/Linux user, Sysadmin, Web Developer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and FOSS advocate and developer. Contributor to @tenacity@fosstodon.org.

Second fediverse account, first one self-hosted! The oldest active account that I own. First joined distrotoot.com on 2021-11-04, created this instance on 2022-01-09. #DistroTootRefugee

Alt account in case Mastodon goes down. Being more myself on the fediverse and overcoming Mastodon's limits. (Yes, Pleroma has limits too.) Filling in all the gaps that I have on my other accounts.

2nd person ever on the Interverse, other than @gabriel@mk.gabe.rocks.

Here before the Twitter Migration. Never signed up for Twitter.

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Pleroma account if my instance goes down: @james@pl.starnix.network

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Account is 13+ SFW.
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When a popular account boosts one of my posts, this server tends to get a bit of a hit because it is busy sending the post to every other server.

That’s why I don’t like to get popular on my own instance, and I keep this for personal things.

@ademalsasa Aw, thanks. I boost a lot of posts on this account, which I just migrated to from Starnix a few days ago. I prefer to post here, since when a popular account boosts from my server, it tends to get hit for a while, while Mastodon has proven to be stable for me.

You’re very welcome. I love when you make FOSS posts and I like to boost them for my followers.

Thank you very much my friend @james for boosting my Trisquel post. You are the first one.

Help wanted: Trisquel 11 GNU/Linux is looking for more ARM developers

"This release now ships armhf, arm64 and ppc64el preinstalled development images to experiment the support for devices on such architectures." -Trisquel Developer


Boost is very appreciated.

Hello again people,

Well, from our last release Beta 6, we from which we had a small glitch we needed then to rewrite those and now are fixed. This ISOs set is virtually the same, and as stated before it's RC material, so let me make a copy from Beta 6 changes and finally set it as the first Release Candidate (RC1).

This ISOs set includes several updates and fixes, also a lot of work into the improvement of AMD video cards resolution, while we have found some AMD hardware to be troublesome to boot on livesystems, none the less once installed they will boot and display correctly, this requires more investigation on the boot process.
Main changes

Here some of the main changes since Beta 5 ISO,

    aramo archive cleaning from old packages - thanks for the reminder Simon
    fixes and updates to software-properties and distro-info
    cleaning ubuntu's whoopsie report system from trisquel default desktops
    fixing trisquel meta packages
    removed legacy key 8D8AEBF1 - thanks for the reminder Simon
    abrowser search engine updates, removed mailto handlers and maintenance builds
    improved linux blobless activation for amd video cards
    jami reintroduced - thanks Bandali
    restore netcfg previous behavior - thanks for the reminder Simon

Source: https://trisquel.info/en/forum/aramo-iso-rc1-mar-12-2023

Just Upgraded My Dedicated Tor Snowflake ❤️ ❄️ tor

💡 Easy Automated Installer + Upgrade Option

📁 DOWNLOAD: http://gg6zxtreajiijztyy5g6bt5o6l3qu32nrg7eulyemlhxwwl6enk6ghad.onion/RightToPrivacy/snowflake-tor-service ( tor Tor Browser Link)


* golang
* systemd based Linux

Contribute to Tor Network / run dedicated Snowflake by single command

Tor Snowflake Upgrade Command Snowflake Log Analysis Example Tor Snowflake Automated Installer On Pinephone (works on any systemd Linux device)

Promoting emacs package

There are some personal knowledge managing packages for emacs out there, and are the ones I primarily think of.
I saw a video of a new called pkm(maybe?).

One package that sadly is not spoken about much, is "zk" , https://github.com/localauthor/zk .
I'm all for great packages but sometimes the well written, not so famous (in the emacs universe) authors are forgotten.
Please check out zk.

Starnix not chaching older remote posts? Time to go all in on my own instance and Linux Rocks!

After we came back from our outing, I found out that the Internet is down on my end. So I played some FOSS games and listened to music that I downloaded onto my flash drive, and I’m using my phone’s LTE connection to connect to my VPS to write this message.

Hopefully I can restart my router tomorrow and everything is fine.

Went home to find out that my internet is down, so I played some Games on my computer:
- Super Tux
- OpenArena
- Super Tux Kart

I seem to like racing games. I should be playing more instead of wasting time reading online news.

I like to have everything archived. Because of this, my own instance will never shut down (yet).

I decide what accounts I want to prune and what I don’t.

This is my failsafe account if pl.starnix.network and mstdn.starnix.network both go down. Misskey is currently the most stable service from my experience.

I am mainly active on Pleroma:

For more accounts, I'll reply to this thread later, so please check back.

Looks like since switched forks of Mastodon, not only do we not see older remote posts here, I no longer see my comment under @charlie_root's video:

Hope our old posts aren't deleted on other servers either...

Wait @gabriel how is it that you're able to follow people on your personal account but boost and make posts from @lsn?

reasons making videos for youtube just for the money is a bad idea:
1. you will have no idea what videos to make
2. even if you have ideas, you will plague your videos with sponsors, intros, outros, interaction reminders, etc. AKA your videos will not be organic and will likely have a thing called "conflict of interest".
3. youtube won't be a guaranteed way to get stable income, or anything at all.

want to know what's the experience like trying to make videos for youtube just for the money? yeah, you can ask me. overall, i didn't get any money, and the high number of views on certain videos makes no sense AKA youtube is promoting my garbage over everything else.

@jacksonchen666 I can see the bold from here.

Wednesday in progress!
Should be beamed to you shortly

Gotta learn CSS transforms.

Someone found gabe.rocks (the onion domain) through AHMIA.
I actually need to fix a bunch, but neat all the same!