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#Linux user, #Sysadmin, Web Developer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and #FOSS advocate and developer.

Second fediverse account, first one self-hosted! Definitive Edition.
Alt account in case Mastodon goes down. Being more myself on the fediverse and overcoming Mastodonโ€™s limits. (Yes Pleroma has limits too.)

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TBH starnix being a bunch of feudal states sounds pretty badass.

I wonder how long I'll stay on Pleroma...
It's a good thing I chose the right subdomain of pleroma for this instance. I'll be switching to Akkoma for this because it's based off Pleroma and still looks and functions like Pleroma.

I wish to self-host Mastodon but that takes a ton of server resources and can fill the disk by storing media. Soapbox/Rebased is lighter but I honestly prefer the Mastodon UI. At least you can follow me on @james and @jamesp. I also use Soapbox on @james so you can follow me there, but I'm not as active.

What's your favorite projects on @codeberg?

Please share. Mine's as the following:

1. Switching Software

2. Spyware Watchdog

3. Codeberg Documentation

4. ForgeFed

5. Linux Cafe Federation

6. Tirnanog Adventure, Action, RPG Game Maker

7. Liblast Libre Blast FPS Game

8. Libreda Libre Silicon Chips

9. FreeCAD

10. Ladue Computer Science

Tip: use search feature to find projects you love.

@la_ninpre Thanks for letting me know! I'll look into it sometime and maybe I can change my wallpaper there.

Glad to see is back up!

For the record, I also found the default wallpaper the version of Pleroma I installed gave:

@fsf Usual PSA: Copyright assignment is bullshit and not even legal in many jurisdictions. Don't let the FSF trick you into giving up your rights in your work!

If you need help using Mastodon or the Fediverse, have a look at:


It's got advice for both beginners and experienced users, and is written in non-technical language.

All future tips from FediTips will be added to it, and I'm gradually adding the past ones too.

Message me if you have questions or feedback! blobcat

p.s. For an alternative perspective, see @noelle's excellent "Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon" at

@nafnlj America: designed not to be perfect but to be more perfect. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

In honor of Constitution Day in the US, my short piece on the meaning of "perfect" in "a more perfect union."

@dj Are you getting rid of older posts on this instance? It seems like I had some older posts on this account that got deleted.

Yesterday I got an email from an user that replied to a ticket via email.

SourceHut is trully amazing amazedAkko

Here's a : If you're on and you want to boost a post again, just unboost it and Reboost it!

Both power, and money reveal character.
Exempli gratia:
The SEC is as corrupt as wall st.


A huge welcome to @thunderbird ! So happy to be able to support such a great project, and for them to share their content with our community!

@luke Please don't throw them away. Sell them and make some money. Hold onto them; they're gonna go up in price soon.

Mastodon Admins this week:

A colored digital painting showing two pinguin building their home on a ice floe while a giant wave made of many blocks with media icons is ready to fall on them. The tone is humoristic. License: Creative Commons Attribution. Originally this artork is a comission for Framasoft's blog at the start of the COVID19 pandemic to explain how their services were massively used suddently.