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Second fediverse account, first one self-hosted! Definitive Edition.
Alt account in case Mastodon goes down. Being more myself on the fediverse and overcoming Mastodon’s limits. (Yes Pleroma has limits too.)

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This post is on a snapshot which may be gone. But I see it on my other instances.

@james Let me try uploading a PDF here.
Let's Encrypt Subscriber Agreement: Diff between v1.2 and v1.3

#Pleroma-FE always groups replies with the regular posts everywhere. In #Mastodon and #Soapbox it does it in the home page, but not in the Local and Federated Timelines, and there's a separate page for profiles that includes replies as well.

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Its on my Pinephone running Arch Linux ARM + sxmo. I have a dock for the phone so I can use a wireless keyboard and mouse. It is only useful for org sheets and reading documents, but there is an hdmi port on the dock and I can connect it to my portable LCD monitor.

Qutebrowser is my default web browser too. I have most other Arch Linux programs that can handle the mobile screen size, including clementine and quickmedia.

Dont let them fool you. Getting older is awesome. Some say it isnt, but I think they are full of it. You mind becomes clearer. Your patience and wisdom increase. Your ability to see what is important and what isnt is increases, and so many things become easier to accomplish.
I have loved everything, and I mean everything about getting older, except this one thing.... this one thing sucks bigtime...
Your body doesnt recover as fast anymore. It just doesnt. And its stupid.
I was invincible for years. I would hike into the mountains and snowboard down cliffs which would make the hearts of mortal men stop. I would ride triathalon distances on my bike just commuting to work. I could build big things, and get into fights, and walk away laughing. I never got sick, and I always felt alive.
Now, I get injured in my sleep. In my damn sleep. What the....Who does that? How can that happen? How can I pull a muscle in my sleep? Fu*k that. It makes no sense.
Advice to the young.... stop worrying. It will work out. Stop what you are doing, and go sprint up a mountain. Take it all in. Live out loud.

>the "Open Source" Chromium browser
massive L

We live a carbon negative life. Meaning, we pull more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere than we put in. This was not our primary intention. It is a byproduct of living naturally, sustainably, and simply.
We generate and store our own power, collect, process, and filter our own water. Most of the materials used to build what we have built here, came from the property itself, or were reclaimed. We grow alot of food.
I frequently use electrically powered transportation, using stored energy we generated ourselves. It is a simple life which requires discipline, and throughtfulness to maintain, and I love it. Im thankful every day.

What I find so interesting is that many, if not most of the people who loudly demand more people to live this way, do NOTHING to make these changes happen in their own lives.
And the political forces demanding more people live this way, do NOTHING to make these kinds of changes themselves, and on a local level, actually go out of their way to make policy which makes it very hard, if not impossible to achieve. The only thing they are doing is passing bills which give them more money and power.
This is why I dont believe them. I believe climate change politics has nothing to do with climate, or sustainability. I think its a power play by political and financial forces.

The Netherlands pushed a bill forcing farmers to lower nitrogen. If you know anything about growing, you know this means things wont grow. The end result of this would be that the majority of small farmers would go out of business. Strangely enough, the Netherlands also announced their plan for something called the "Great Renovation". They intend to build 1 million new homes in this very small country by 2050. And Ill give you one guess as to where they plan to build them.
I dont believe the modern NeoLiberal State cares about what they say they do. I think Climate, and Pandemic, and many of their responses are demostrated power grabs using the false premise of "crisis" to mask their greed for power.

The conclusion I am coming to is, the last people we want finding solutions for many of these things are the career politicians and mega-corporations who have shown CLEARLY over the last few years that their skill set is more geared toward taking from the people than providing any sort of ideas for sustainable change.
I am more convinced than every that the People are going to have to do it themselves. In some cases, in direct defiance of establishment power.

The real account is @feditips. Ignore all other accounts.
That’s one of the limitations of the . You don’t know what account is real unless it has a website, and the website links back to the account. On the account, if it links to the website it’ll contain a green check.

DistroToot Archive
I found an archive of my DistroToot account on thanks to @atyh. It contains almost every post I made back on DistroToot, including those that weren’t backed up in an archive.

Many of the people I follow on the fediverse today date back to the DistroToot days, and many of those stories have been long gone. was my first fediverse account, and you can view it here:

It redirected people to this Pleroma account, even though I’m now primarily active as @james, declaring that my DistroToot successor.

My last bio on DistroToot before it shut down
This is my first fediverse account. After the announced shutdown of DistroToot, I've since moved to my own instance of Pleroma. Please follow me there instead. Still somewhat active here, though.

If you’re switching from #Pleroma to #Akkoma, why are you switching?

The () has surpassed 5 mio users!

For the first time, all that are connected by Activitypub are at 5,082,029 mio users (1.6 mio active six months, 0.6 mio monthly active). Thanks to 4.2 mio users, 0.3 mio, 97k , 88k, 55k 49k, 21k, 17k, 12k and many more.

Surprise! The metaverse is going to suck for privacy

@fu @dantescanline A lot of people host their own websites (even with their own domains) on Neocities. Not only do I have my own domain, I also rent a server, and I use that to host my Pleroma instance as well.

@LibreSolutionsNetwork They track your movements! Why aren’t the screens transparent?

These “improvements” are more expensive (in energy & $) to maintain with no real benefits.

What are they really for?

Starnix may go down because of issues with the instance. Please follow me at: (spicy content)