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Second fediverse account, first one self-hosted! Definitive Edition.
Alt account in case Mastodon goes down. Being more myself on the fediverse and overcoming Mastodonโ€™s limits. (Yes Pleroma has limits too.)

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@dj I use Ubuntu Server and I use snaps like Certbot. That's the only reason I was obligated to use it, and I don't really like how Debian freezes packages. Debian is still okay, and I might use it sometime, but Ubuntu is basically compatible and has fresher packages.

Iโ€™m experimenting using snaps on my ubuntu server and itโ€™s not bad at all. Performance is fine. Must be gui apps that are slow.

@LibreSolutionsNetwork They have a trap set up! (Everyone is depressed about how bad society is getting.)

Its so.... SciFi novel.
We are seeing the emergence and divergence of the Corpro-Net, the State-Net, and the Peoples-Net.
Its so cliche, and expected, and weird, and unfortunate, and awesome.

New blog post: Two Years of Life with PinePhone

It has a weird title and is too long, but I still hope you will enjoy reading it!

A PinePhone, connected to a monitor and a keyboard with track point, displaying a draft of a tweet to announce the same blog post on Twitter

For those who host a Fediverse server, this might be worth reading:

It would really suck if fedi servers started getting taken offline because of the incompetence of the cyber-security community.

Instead of commenting on YouTube videos, I should be commenting about them on the Fediverse. It's also easier for other people to see my comments as well, and helps promote videos which I comment on.

@parker @finlaydag33k

Similarly, adding some kind of useful economic activity to PoW doesn't make it more efficient.

I think it would make people a lot less anxious about the "wasted energy" involved. For instance I think if Foldingcoin was #1 people would have a lot less rage against PoW.

That said I do think the mindset "People shouldn't be allowed to use energy" and it's logical conclusions "We have a right to limit people's energy use for the greater good" is a one-way road to 99% of people starving/freezing to death.

I will go a step further. Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency space exist because there is a massive market to replace the banking system because it's entirely run by criminals.
If we prosecuted them and properly regulated the industry the entire idea would be redundant.

I firmly believe that cryptocurrency is the wrong solution to a serious problem. Instead I advocate people temporarily barter (cryptocurrency can be an instrument for this) as a mechanism to keep government and finance in check.

@syscrash uploaded this to Starnix one time. He has since left but I have the clip saved.

Ive been experimenting with Gopher over Tor.
Some of the people from Suckless software have been working on the Bitreich project, which focuses on increasing the use of the Gopher protocol through developing software for it and community around it.
One of the things they are doing is pairing Tor with Gopher, which creates something really interesting. Gopher with Tor creates a fast, encrypted, anonymous, minimal web protocol.

If you want to experiment with it, its not difficult to set up. You just need to download and set up the Tor daemon, and download Torsocks to interact with it. If you are on OpenBSD, this is as simple as:

doas pkg_add tor torsocks
doas rcctl enable tor
doas rcctl start tor

Then you can open gopher urls over tor with something like:

torsocks lynx gopher://enlrupgkhuxnvlhsf6lc3fziv5h2hhfrinws65d7roiv6bfj7d652fid.onion

You can read more about gopher over tor here:

Anna from SDF posted a great phlog on how she uses her SDF shared unix account in her daily life.
Its pretty amazing how many uses she has for it.


Creating multiple accounts across the Fediverse so you can be different people is not fulfilling. Its fracturing. People have more than one dimention. If people dont want to engage with you because they are opinion extremists, let them go live their ever decreasing lives.
Be real.

I'm done, and it's 11 o'clock.

@gabriel I sit on the fence. I don't really know whether crypto will rebound or not. However, you may enjoy my drawing.

A guy sitting on a fence

I might just tack-on a disassembly view to the right-side of Dexe. ๐Ÿค”

Thanks for all the suggestions!
Next up, literals ๐Ÿ’ฅ

I like being the admin of my own instance. It allows me to make customizations that I can't do on other instances, such as character count, wallpaper, etc. I can even delete posts from other users. Also the federated timeline is clean.
The downside is that I have to maintain it, and I'm basically responsible for everything on this instance.

I might have to join some other instances.
By the way, I'm also on Mastodon! @james

Me on the bottom left

@rootbsd Why do you use this account more than @rootbsd? And why do you use @nerdtronics more?