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This is my personal account, hosted on my own server. Lower volume timeline over here, don’t expect me to accept your follow request.

GNU/Linux user, Sysadmin, Web Developer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and FOSS advocate and developer. Contributor to @tenacity@fosstodon.org.

Second fediverse account, first one self-hosted! The oldest active account that I own. First joined distrotoot.com on 2021-11-04, created this instance on 2022-01-09. #DistroTootRefugee

Alt account in case Mastodon goes down. Being more myself on the fediverse and overcoming Mastodon's limits. (Yes, Pleroma has limits too.) Filling in all the gaps that I have on my other accounts.

2nd person ever on the Interverse, other than @gabriel@mk.gabe.rocks.

Here before the Twitter Migration. Never signed up for Twitter.

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I don't know if it actually was cookies or sessions that was just an example however I was making a Google API link the other day it's that Google sign in screen that says "this app is trying to gain access to your credentials do you authorize it to ha x y and z".

If want to know what I think it really is, I think it really was just spoofing phishing or pretending to be someone else there really isn't any software exploit they just gave account access via Google to someone over email via a link that looked legitimate.

@m0xEE @Tadano @GLFC

Google's API is really annoying it's like Active Directory. It would not surprise me that LTT or any normal person doesn't know anything about it BUT the point still stands that no security product or software would have prevented this. This is a matter of security practice.

This is my opinion they have not confirmed the threat vector.

I'm kinda surprised how popular that linux tech tips guys is. He's the same as the other youtube influencers and their clickbait titles but he talks about computers.

I guess I don't really understand youtube "celebrities" because i never watch youtube. Only use it for teaching or to listen to music through an app like ViMusic

All this USB requires is a power source, and it can explode. The next generation of the USB killer.


@elias Linus Tech Tips used to be really good during his golden age from 2013-2018. Then they started becoming too popular and were filled with sponsors and clickbait.

But they got people into building PCs, and for me, even into installing Linux!

So should deserve credit for how they got the masses, especially a whole generation of YouTube viewers, into PC gaming. But other channels would fill in the gaps that LTT didn't do anymore. Whether you like modern LTT is up to you.

I wonder if I can make my instance look like cybre.space someday...

right now.

@m0xEE @jamesp With that being said, I also like the idea of threading posts, so that if you already composed a post but want to add more information, you can reply to yourself and leave a thread. I realized this after I just made my previous post, so why not make it the perfect opportunity to demonstrate a thread? You don't need to have character limits to encourage it.

@m0xEE @jamesp In Misskey the default is 3000. I actually broke the 3000 limit in a recent post on Mastodon. Even if people think this is just supposed to be microblogging, this is a social network. You should be able to use whatever character limit you feel is comfortable when talking to people.

I just set a really high ceiling to encourage myself to not go very high, and to not need to cram my posts at the same time.

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Is it possible to read the cookies issued by another website though? I don't think it is unless you use some sort of DNS spoofing — even that is not so easy when certificates are involved.
I hate this ajax.googleapis.com thing so I have a local mirror and it took me importing both, the website and the CA certs, and even adding some exception to one of the about:config vars to convince Firefox that my local mirror is the real thing.

I can't keep up with all the security updates that have been happening in the past few weeks. Can someone please give me a summary?

This post supposedly aged well, but it seems like they didn't actually follow it.


@jamesp Meanwhile I have a 65000 character limit on my instance. Starnix is at 5000.

LinusTechTips just showed people how to read an eye diagram for signal integrity analysis, and explained how attenuation and jitter cause horizontal and vertical eye closures.

A real and serious Tech Tip in LinusTechTips instead of the unboxings and adverts?! Who could've imagined that? I am genuinely impressed.

Linus Sebastian, pointing at an eye diagram: "Now I said that the signal integrity passed."

When do you prefer to live?

Everything is coming full circle now. In July of 2021 I was downloading unlisted videos from YouTube uploaded before 2017 as they were about to be set to private. One of the channels I downloaded videos from was Linus Tech Tips. I have the videos saved to my hard disk, which I downloaded two years ago.

Today, all of the videos came back online. YouTube did end up removing the videos again, but the job is finally complete.

This goes way back to the beginning of my journey. I was still on YouTube and Reddit, and in a few months I was about to self-host and join the fediverse. Now, I am an experienced self-hosted fediverse user, and we went through this. I feel great about it. We have just completed the circle. Everything began here, and we're now coming back.

So because of this, I'm probably going to try archiving YouTube videos again, and once LTT comes back online I'm going to download my favorite videos from the channel, as well as other channels.

I joined the fediverse in November 2021. Starting on DistroTube's instance, and later creating my own instance, it has been a wild ride. Hopefully, I can start going back into all the things I was doing before my time on the fediverse, and I won't have to be addicted to what has become the new public square after the exodus from Twitter.

I hope LTT comes back online soon, and I hope other channels don't get hacked again like they did.

YouTube got the channel again, but all the videos were finally backed up. I still have the tabs saved in the background.

The job I've been waiting for since July 2021 has officially been complete. Now Linus Tech Tips will be restored shortly.

I have some of the videos saved way back in 2021.

It looks like these were unlisted videos uploaded before 2021 that got set to private in July 2021. I downloaded almost all of these. Now YouTube just has to restore all the rest of the videos...

@screwtape What happened for you in 2018?