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Second fediverse account, first one self-hosted!
Alt account in case Mastodon goes down. Being more myself on the fediverse.

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To add system clipboard support to vim when compiled without clipboard support.
(as is the case with ALL 9 versions of vim available in OpenBSD)
just use the unnamed register for the xclip call.
vnoremap <silent><Leader>y ""y <Bar> :call system('xclip', @")<CR>

This way, y works normally as yank in visual mode, and <leader> y also works like y, but also sends the text to the system clipboard.

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I love Mastodon when there’s so many interesting content.


I will say though, the whole thing about the ports system and pourdiere in FreeBSD is kinda hyped up. Pourdiere is just a tool that helps you manage your own package repo locally from the ports system on a spare machine. But ultimately it doesn't give you access to newer ports or better stuff, no different than anyone else following whatever branch you're using.

Huge improvements on http://matrix.org's federation performance since we switched over to pyston on May 20th :D

matrix.org inbound federation PDU processing median speeds up from 100-250ms to 50-75ms since switching to Pyston on May 20 matrix.org outbound federation PDU sending median speeds up from 100-250ms to 25-50ms(!) since switching to Pyston on May 20

people are sleeping on DeltaChat.


Package maintainers of your OS got you down with no clipboard support in all of their 9 different versions of vim?
No worries. You dont have to switch back to neovim.
Try this in your vimrc:

vnoremap <silent><Leader>y "yy <Bar> :call system('xclip', @y)<CR>

Now when you select a block in visual mode, and need to copy it to the system clipboard, <leader> y to the rescue.

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Paper really beats digital on everything for plein-air outside, imo:
βœ… No battery issue.
βœ… Super visibility.
βœ… Real time high FPS gesture.
βœ… Texture and no parralax.
βœ… Mega cheap in comparison.
βœ… Ecologically-friendlier.
βœ… Lightweight in a backpack.
βœ… No boot time or waiting time.
βœ… Ends with a real art you can give (or sell).

❌ Doesn't have Undo
❌ No Selections, Filters, versionning, etc...
❌ Doesn't have hundred thousands color available
❌ It doesn't run Doom

ok this game wordwarvi is cool... you are vi and you got to destroy the evil forces emacs from hogging up your system with its bloat.

Apparently steamos TRACKS YOU BY DEFAULT, and to remove the telemetry or install another OS YOU HAVE TO LOG IN

ggVG, :<,>,s/nvim/vim/g

Want to use an reader (like InoReader or @thunderbird) to view your YouTube subscriptions, but you have no idea where or how to FIND the RSS feed for a channel?

Install a browser extension like "Awesome RSS" (Firefox) or "Get RSS Feed URL" for Chrome/Edge. Serious time-saver!

πŸ™ Thanks to @sheogorath for the suggestion!

I'm uploading this because of a conversation with @coin on the Poast BBS chat (`telnet bbs.poast.org`), and then I am clicking "post" because it is kinda cool.

The context is that a disk died in the Thinkpad next to my desk, which, because the hinge broke and this hosed the screen, is plugged into a monitor. So after the disk died and I tried to argue with PXE for a while, I replaced "reading in the bathroom" with "tweaking a liveslak build in the bathroom" for a while. I trimmed it way the hell down so that it'd be small enough to fit in RAM, tweaked the init scripts to make it boot directly into ratpoison, put drawterm on it, put my ssh keys into it, made running from RAM the default, all of that stuff. So now it works as a Loonix machine, a terminal for the Plan 9 stuff, and it's totally stateless. If I wanna boot a new build, I just copy it to the USB disk, then put it into the laptop, then reboot it. If the smoke gets out of this laptop, I can just replace it with another machine and it will be exactly the same (which is what I intended to use PXE for).

PXE boot worked great on the first try with Plan 9, but I had to argue with Linux because half of what the machine does is play videos in the background, which Plan 9 is not so great at. Anyway, it is now how I usually talk to the Poast BBS, see if FSE has gone down, etc. The statelessness makes it nice for testing things (e.g., Revolver) and because it can talk to the Plan 9 machine and Go cross-compiles pretty easily, I can just copy the Linux build directly.

Definitely worth playing with if that is your idea of fun: https://docs.slackware.com/slackware:liveslak
sensitive media

@owner I'm right here.

@james delete mastodon, embrace pleroma.

I'm not sure that day is any closer.
It is getting more extreme however.

Some might think that enjoying free speech on Fedi is a sign you are less tolerant of others but that's just not true. I've become more tolerant if anything. Just because someone says something offensive and or I don't agree doesn't mean I block them. It's only an opportunity to engage with them, grab popcorn or just ignore and move on. Thick skin is a valuable trait. How lame do you have to be to go actively searching for instances you don't like so you can broadcast that you are blocking them?

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a person is leaving a warehouse with a wheeled cart covered in boxes labeled, "react, unit tests, husky, typescript, gatsby, and tailwind". They turn and ask another person with just one box, "is that all you're going to use to build your blog?!" The other person response simply, "yes." Their box is labeled with html & css.

"MemeSounds like 2020 right before the holidays to me"

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