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#GNU/#Linux user, #Sysadmin, Web Developer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and #FOSS advocate and developer.

Second fediverse account, first one self-hosted!
Alt account in case Mastodon goes down. Being more myself on the fediverse and overcoming Mastodon's limits. (Yes Pleroma has limits too.) Filling in all the gaps that I have on my other accounts.
Been on this account since 2022-01-09.

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@gabriel If only it was as simple as distrotoot and starnix... on the Fediverse

@gabriel But wait...there's more!
@jamesp @jamesp @jamesp @jamesp

3 left out on purpose.

@EricZhang456 @EricZhang456 But what if Starnix goes down? How will you interact with the rest of the fediverse?

Since is getting too big, I am now migrating to this account, on

SDF intended that would remain public with open registration as a general Mastodon instance for the Twitter Migration, while would be the smaller instance for the SDF community, as they confirmed in the post below:

I'll still be active on my old account for now, but this is my new account! seems like a good instance. I've got a new plan...

We're so happy to be back on the Fediverse (from a different instance)! ActivityPub and Mastodon provide a vital space and open standard for social media.

We decided to use @support to provide us with our own instance so we can use our own domain (and be in control of our data). It's so great to see that so many people on their own or shared instances. One of the great things about free software is the ability to host it yourself or have someone you trust do it for you.

We're curious, if you moved over from Twitter recently, if there was anything precipitating the migration away that could've prompted you to move before now?

@gemlog @maperal @Maya @cosullivan @claudiom @snowdusk @huitlacoche @xavavu @kelbot @james @pizza_pal @northernlights @helenpugh @Ines @robert588 @ParadeGrotesque Also, I just found two sticks of 4GB DDR3 laptop memory in a box, so now the DJing laptop has 8GB RAM!

This is totally Mastodon® @splitshockvirus

Hey, this doesn't have all the customizations I made over on!

And I can't moderate as well!

You would be surprised how many old books contain encoded messages in the print margins…

i was digging through old hard drives and found this photo of a dslr film scanning rig i built. it worked pretty well, but i could never get it to work perfectly enough for commercial work.
i eventually bought a proper film scanner. but this still looks pretty cool…..

As Mastodon is turning stale, I've set up a new account on! Hopefully nothing too bad happens...

New Pleroma account: @james

Yes, you already know it if you're here.

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I'll be signing up for a new Pleroma account tomorrow. Hopefully nothing goes wrong...

This place is getting busy :nana_smug:

setting federation to false just eliminates the “known network” timeline, and how you show up in global timelines of other instances. you still see all of your connections and their reposts.
in some ways it might even be better as the only people you see will be friends, and friends they reboots.

@splitshockvirus @rootbsd @dem32 NOOOO my old replies in my threads will be gone! Please undo the Content cache retention period.