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Second fediverse account, first one self-hosted! Definitive Edition.
Alt account in case Mastodon goes down. Being more myself on the fediverse and overcoming Mastodon’s limits. (Yes Pleroma has limits too.)

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Everything going crazy in the world, but at least I had a good night tonight. Tonight was a full moon. Not only that, a #Supermoon! 🌝

The Moon is Full 🌝

@helene is the new Pleroma CEO, don't tell anyone BlobhajShock

The Starlink Terminals are hackable. And unless the primary chips are changed, they will remain hackable.
To clarify, your Starlink is not currently in danger of being hacked. UNless you leave it unattended for a few hours at a blackhat conference. The effort involved and the knowledge required makes it unlikely someone will break into your house or climb a tree and hack the device. But, you could probably hack the device if you decided you wanted to.

Learn from nature.

I like @Seirdy's web design and #POSSE practices.

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@al1r4d Depends on when a fork of Pleroma-FE decides to add that feature and if there's a backend that supports it. With the Alex Gleason Soapbox drama that happened recently it might take a bit longer to happen. However, on Mastodon, it probably might not happen. (You're using Mastodon.)

When will Pleroma have quote feature?

Intel has open sourced OpenPGL and is working to upstream it to Blender. It is licensed using Apache 2.0.

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I built Brave Browser for Void Linux using the xdeb package to convert the .deb file into an .xbps package. I installed it, ran it, looked around at all of its glorious bloat, then promptly compiled surf and tabbed to use instead. I spend more time in gopher and gemini these days anyway. So surf, tabbed, and a simple start page written in simple html/css is more than enough.

Unless you were there, you really cannot appreciate how much damage Intel did to the PC ecosystem with the 286.

The 286 was the successor to the 8086 and 8088 CPUs that powered the original IBM PCs. It offered a huge step forward from them.

Those older chips always ran in "real mode," where memory locations had fixed addresses, and any running program could modify the contents of any address. This meant that you couldn't have two programs running at once, because one might try to use a bit of memory the other was already using, and blammo!

The 286 introduced "protected mode," which prevented programs from being able to mess with memory allocated to other programs. Instead of addresses corresponding directly to blocks of memory, in protected mode they were treated as "virtual" addresses, and mapped to memory allocated just for that program.

Protected mode meant the days when one program could reach into another one and mess with its memory would be over. And that opened up all sorts of possibilities. You could have real multitasking! A whole range of crash bugs would be instantly eliminated! Suddenly the PC began to look like a machine that you could put against a UNIX workstation with a straight face.

But there was a problem. To maintain backwards compatibility with the old chips, the 286 had to boot into real mode. It could then shift into protected mode on demand. But -- and this is a big BUT -- once it was shifted into protected mode, IT COULD NOT SHIFT BACK. The only way to get back into real mode was to reboot the PC.

Which was a problem, because every PC user owned a huge library of DOS software, much of which could only run in real mode. So the 286 gave you multitasking -- but if you ever needed to run a real-mode program, you had to reboot your PC (and lose all the other running programs) to run it.

This was, as you may imagine, not ideal.

Intel 80286 chip.

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With doas, ksh, and other openbsd tools configured as base, its actually hard to tell the difference in normal operation. Except that its almost twice as fast, and for some reason draws almost 10 watts less.

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To everyone following me, is having a lot of issues for people, so I'm encouraging everyone to follow which I host on my own server and doesn't have any known issues going on with it so far.