James's Pleroma Island

Cool, family sharing from Steam decided to take the piss and log me off from the library of some family living a province away from here.

@atlas_core You should not have given them access to your account. Or you should've been using your own instead of theirs.

@james I am using my own account.

@james Steam has this sharing feature that basically allows accounts who log onto the same computer to authorize sharing their library with one another. It does require the account owner to log in once, and they have to do it every so often to maintain the sharing status (which didn't happen in my case).
But I didn't share my account. They don't have access to mine. Nor do I have access to theirs.

Bummer, gonna have to either download GOG copies of the games I've been borrowing (and set up cloud sharing via Syncthing), or just remove the DRM protection from the current copies I have.