James's Pleroma Island

Just noticed we're back on the 500 character limit. @omnipotens Can you please set this back to 1000?

@jamesp Meanwhile I have a 65000 character limit on my instance. Starnix is at 5000.

@james @jamesp
5000 is the Pleroma default I think — a bit too much to my taste, I'd probably go with something like 2000. 500 is too limiting, sometimes I have to split my posts into 2 or even 3 parts on Librem Social instance and you have to repeat the same mentions in every part, so it's a waste.

@m0xEE @jamesp In Misskey the default is 3000. I actually broke the 3000 limit in a recent post on Mastodon. Even if people think this is just supposed to be microblogging, this is a social network. You should be able to use whatever character limit you feel is comfortable when talking to people.

I just set a really high ceiling to encourage myself to not go very high, and to not need to cram my posts at the same time.

@m0xEE @jamesp With that being said, I also like the idea of threading posts, so that if you already composed a post but want to add more information, you can reply to yourself and leave a thread. I realized this after I just made my previous post, so why not make it the perfect opportunity to demonstrate a thread? You don't need to have character limits to encourage it.

@james @jamesp
Good point, but sometimes having character limit adds a degree of discipline, so you convey your thought in a straightforward way without extra fluff and spacious expressions. My English isn't that good, you should see me post in Russian. No one uses that much stylistic "sugar", all these metaphors, ugh! fox_laugh
Is it a thesis or a work of fiction? No, so why make people read all that?
Having character limit makes me not go into unnecessary details, making references here and there, makes me omit words when it is possible to omit them, use emoji instead of conveying it with words. Of course I could do all that without character limit, but having it makes me think about it more often.

@jamesp I will when I get a free moment. It takes updating the code which breaks the update so I have to force it, which overwrites the changes.

@omnipotens Would you think about trying glitch-soc for this instance? With this fork of Mastodon you don't have to go deep into the code to modify the character setting, and it has other great features as well.