James's Pleroma Island

YouTube got the channel again, but all the videos were finally backed up. I still have the tabs saved in the background.

The job I've been waiting for since July 2021 has officially been complete. Now Linus Tech Tips will be restored shortly.

I have some of the videos saved way back in 2021.

Everything is coming full circle now. In July of 2021 I was downloading unlisted videos from YouTube uploaded before 2017 as they were about to be set to private. One of the channels I downloaded videos from was Linus Tech Tips. I have the videos saved to my hard disk, which I downloaded two years ago.

Today, all of the videos came back online. YouTube did end up removing the videos again, but the job is finally complete.

This goes way back to the beginning of my journey. I was still on YouTube and Reddit, and in a few months I was about to self-host and join the fediverse. Now, I am an experienced self-hosted fediverse user, and we went through this. I feel great about it. We have just completed the circle. Everything began here, and we're now coming back.

So because of this, I'm probably going to try archiving YouTube videos again, and once LTT comes back online I'm going to download my favorite videos from the channel, as well as other channels.

I joined the fediverse in November 2021. Starting on DistroTube's instance, and later creating my own instance, it has been a wild ride. Hopefully, I can start going back into all the things I was doing before my time on the fediverse, and I won't have to be addicted to what has become the new public square after the exodus from Twitter.

I hope LTT comes back online soon, and I hope other channels don't get hacked again like they did.