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Help wanted: Trisquel 11 GNU/Linux is looking for more ARM developers

"This release now ships armhf, arm64 and ppc64el preinstalled development images to experiment the support for devices on such architectures." -Trisquel Developer


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Hello again people,

Well, from our last release Beta 6, we from which we had a small glitch we needed then to rewrite those and now are fixed. This ISOs set is virtually the same, and as stated before it's RC material, so let me make a copy from Beta 6 changes and finally set it as the first Release Candidate (RC1).

This ISOs set includes several updates and fixes, also a lot of work into the improvement of AMD video cards resolution, while we have found some AMD hardware to be troublesome to boot on livesystems, none the less once installed they will boot and display correctly, this requires more investigation on the boot process.
Main changes

Here some of the main changes since Beta 5 ISO,

    aramo archive cleaning from old packages - thanks for the reminder Simon
    fixes and updates to software-properties and distro-info
    cleaning ubuntu's whoopsie report system from trisquel default desktops
    fixing trisquel meta packages
    removed legacy key 8D8AEBF1 - thanks for the reminder Simon
    abrowser search engine updates, removed mailto handlers and maintenance builds
    improved linux blobless activation for amd video cards
    jami reintroduced - thanks Bandali
    restore netcfg previous behavior - thanks for the reminder Simon

Source: https://trisquel.info/en/forum/aramo-iso-rc1-mar-12-2023

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