Turned off my instance for a day.
Had coomers using up all my VPSs bandwidth.

For now, beauty_network0 redirects people to /r/nofap

@gabriel They did the same to They'll eventually do this to every other #nitter instance as well. Maybe they'll use this to their advantage and get rid of every other privacy frontend to every platform, so you must log into the mainstream platforms and create accounts if need be. That's what'll lock you in and make you not want to delete your accounts. Before you know it, you'll be addicted soon.

Here's another instance you can try:
(It's run by @slips)

I found this issue helpful, copied a fair amount of it for my response.

@gabriel That sounds like big annoying.

Yeeep. Wouldn't have noticed without the complaint...

@gabriel Looks like has similar issues. Luckily, the response template should be similar to Nitter.

P.S. You should redirect users to instead of (Teddit looks more like old reddit, which I prefer, where libreddit looks more like the new reddit.)

@gabriel Alternative frontends are like one of the things I'm on the fence about, because you're still technically using their services, also things like invidious break because Google changes the API whenever they feel like it and it's a time sink to fix.

There's another twitter bridge for fedi that I want to host eventually, but it's on my back burner behind literally everything else. Only reason I'm considering it is so I can put idolm@ster Seiyu news on your feddy verse timelines. nana_smug

@gabriel Also yeah someone is scraping your shit. I'd implement like a rate limiter for iptables to prevent that.

> Maybe they'll use this to their advantage and get rid of every other privacy frontend to every platform
Not to the ones you host privately and not make reachable from the outside 😉

@m0xee @gabriel Until your IP address is blocked, or they’ll just make the APIs private so it’s impossible.

I think at this point you’re just better off escaping big tech platforms and relying on others to crosspost to the fediverse, once we get to that point.

Fortunately for us, it's really hard to do so with webapps — of course they can add some keys and obfuscate the way they are generated with javascript, but a skilled web developer will still figure it out.
I agree, not relying on centralized social media is the right way. Nitter is pretty much all I use as Russian Twitter community is an invaluable source of news on politics and such, most "real" news outlets were censored long ago, even online ones.
@james @gabriel

I've never had a Twitter account — reading is all I do so Nitter is perfect for me. I don't know why this community doesn't migrate to Fedi though, considering Twitter has your phone number and you can go to prison easily for posting "wrong" things. Well, they still want their thousands of followers I guess 🤷
@james @gabriel