1. If you're getting into CDs, it's better to buy a DVD player instead of a dedicated CD player.

In this thread, I'm going to be posting lots of Amazon link as evidence. These are not endorsements, just used for illustrative purposes. 🧡

2. As time goes on, CDs are becoming more niche. Last year, vinyl outsold CDs for the first time ever. I'm not saying CDs are going away, just that it's becoming more the concern of die-hard enthusiasts.

3. The reality is that 95% of people find streaming to be more convenient than CDs. If someone's looking for a CD player, they're usually one of the following types of people:

* Luddites
* Collectors
* Audiophiles
* Nostalgists

4. Luddites - These people lack technical savvy, don't even want to learn how to use a smartphone, and can't figure out how Spotify works. However, they can push the "play" button on a CD player. If you're on the Fediverse, this is not you.

5. Collectors - people who just want physical copies of music, and opt for CDs because they're cheap. If this is you, get a DVD player.

6. Audiophiles - people who understand that, of the three mainstream formats, CDs offer the best fidelity and clarity while being supported on more devices than anything else. Many collectors later become audiophiles.

7. Nostalgists - people (usually young) that just want their 90s or 00s fix, and thus want something period specific. Nostalgia hasn't taken off with CDs the way it has with cassettes or vinyl, so this is less of a concern but still one.

8. If you're a Luddite who just wants to keep doing the same thing you've always done and don't like any kind of change, then yeah, a CD player is probably the way to go. Just be thankful that you can still buy CD players on the cheap.

9. As for everyone else, there's very good reasons for opting for DVD players instead of a dedicated CD player.

10. First, new DVD players are less expensive. At thrift stores, they're cheap as dirt. Even Blu-Ray players can be purchased for $10.

11. If you want something new with a warranty, a DVD player costs $25 on Amazon. Many DVD players come with both an RCA and HDMI output. So if you don't want to invest big in gear, DVD players are the way to go.

12. But what if you want something better than just the basics? Again, a DVD player is still better than a dedicated CD player.

13. For $35 on Amazon, you get a Sony DVPSR210P DVD Player. For this price, you get:

* RCA and component output
* Coaxial digital output that supports 96KHz/24bit sound
* Supports CD-R, CD-RW, HDCD, AAC, WMA, MP3

14. But what if you're a person of rarefied tastes who only wants the best possible experience with your CDs? It's worth considering Sony UBP-X800M2 UHD Blu-Ray Player which regularly retails for $330.

15. Sony UBP-X800M2 does all the things the other DVD players do but also has these features:

* Surround sound
* Bluetooth
* Support for Dolby Atmos and DSEE HX
* Support for SACD, DVD-A, and Blu-Ray Audio

Not bad for $330.

@atomicpoet Slight premise rejection:

1) DVD players have less controls on the front panel.

2) There's usually a long negotiation period to recognizing a CD

3) You generally have to power a TV in order to listen to music.

Other than that, fully concur. Not shaming anyone for listening to CDs whatever way they can.

@atomicpoet It's up to us to revive the CD player.

16. The caveat with the Sony UBP-X800M2 is that it doesn't have RCA outputs that are built-in. However, if you want the very best CD experience, you probably won't be using the built-in DAC anyway.

17. If you want an exceptional audiophile experience, you can connect a DVD player via digital coax output to an external DAC like the Denon PMA-1700NE, which supports DSD which is what SACDs are based on.

18. If you connect a DVD player to an external DAC, you'll now have a better audio experience than practically everyone playing vinyl on a high-end turntable -- at a fraction of the price too.

19. To the average CD collector, a DVD player might sound like overkill.

But keep in mind that standalone CD players aren't even being sold for less than $100. It's just not available. Cheap optical disc readers usually read DVDs too.

20. Dedicated low-cost CD players aren't even an option. If you want to go Mid-Fi, Onkyo sells them for around $300. At this point, why not spent the extra $30 and get a DVD player too -- that also plays more music formats?

21. But let's compare the dedicated "audiophile" CD experience to a DVD player. Audio Lab sells a CD transport for $600 -- which means it requires an external DAC. And again, it only plays CDs. So why bother?

22. At every price point, a DVD player is a better option than a CD player equivalent. Nowadays, even portable DVD players are $50 and therefore price competitive with portable CD players.

23. (That said, portable CD players are smaller than portable DVD players, so they're worth buying for that reason -- especially if your car doesn't have a built-in CD player.)

24. @craigmaloney Now some folks who really love CDs might say something to the effect of, "But DVD players require a TV or monitor!" Yet it is easy to find a DVD player with face buttons as well as an LCD display.

25. This leads to the only other reason one might prefer a dedicated CD player over a DVD player: nostalgia.

26. Maybe you want to re-live 1989 again. In which case, yeah, you can pay $50 on eBay for a Yamaha CDX-520. If CDs are all about aesthetics, I get it. In fact, I personally own that specific CD player -- it's great!

27. But nostalgia cuts many ways. As time goes on, I find myself just as infatuated with my Sony PS2 Slim as I am with my Yamaha CDX-520.

28. Which brings me to my final point about why DVD players are a better value than CD players, even from a nostalgia standpoint. THEY PLAY MOVIES. Most of them don't just play DVDs or Blu-Ray. They play VCDs, CD+G, Div-X, MPEG-1, and more!

29. you can still buy VHS/DVD combo players on Amazon. At thrift shops, they're $10. Imagine playing the Ghostbusters VHS one moment, and then its soundtrack the next. If this won't hit you in the nostalgia feels, I don't know what will.

30. That said, is a DVD player always preferable to a CD player? Only if we're comparing dedicated players. For integrated stereo systems like a boombox or this Philips micro, CD players are the better option.

31. Generally, if you're looking for a dedicated optical disc reader that connects to an external amp or receiver, then a DVD player is the better option for most people, especially those who are new to CD collecting.

32. Some folks will say CD players are better than DVD players for CD playback because of face buttons and load times. Those are nice perks, but are they perks worth paying 10x more for the privilege?

Again, new DVD players are now $30.

33. Thank you all for attending my "DVD Player vs CD Player" TED Talk πŸ˜†

@atomicpoet Can't wait to see the article!