i made a meme about web revival / yesterweb / diy

'cheems' shiba pro and con image format between "DIY WEB REVIVAL" and "professional modern internet"

the DIY WEB REVIVAL side is delightful and covered in tiny gifs and colors, it preaches the values of a home build web with custom fonts and sparkles, the beauty of art, tiny websites with thousands of friends

the professional side is just white background and black text and laments the lack of customization. 'sorry your license expired' 'no gifs allowed but constant autoplay ads' 'use css to reset elements back to a flat and boring look'

p.s. visit my cute hand built site

@dantescanline I’m somewhere in the middle. Self-hosted, minimal, responsive CSS, planned Dark Mode, but no cookies and required JS, I like webrings, and I’m also on the Interverse. More coming soon.

Neocities doesn’t allow you to host your own Pleroma instance btw.

@james its only a silly meme, im open to all kinds of solutions for a better world :)

@james @dantescanline Similar here. Very minimal static website, dark mode only, zero maintenance required.
First load of the main page is three requests and weighs in below 5 KB.

@murks @james yes but mine has a gif of the shambler from quake 1

@dantescanline @james Fair point. Yours is nice and fancy and colourful, mine is just simple.

@james neocities?

@fu @dantescanline A lot of people host their own websites (even with their own domains) on Neocities. Not only do I have my own domain, I also rent a server, and I use that to host my Pleroma instance as well.