I'm thinking of switching to a self hosted instance for just myself. Any recommendations for software optimal for my use case? Currently I'm looking at .

@zethra Yes, host your own instance. It's lighter than Mastodon and Misskey. Here's a guide:

@zethra pleroma is just good for that case i think. it fits nicely on a vps with a 1gb of ram and 1 cpu core.

also, if you want something extremely minimal, but capable, there is honk. honk is a minimal fediverse microblogging service written in go. it is capable of doing all usual stuff but without things like likes, reactions, etc. very lightweight in all senses of the word.

source code:

live examples: (ted's own instance) (my instance)

@la_ninpre @zethra There's also #gotosocial, written in go. Just learned about it. It supports #ActivityPub like Mastodon and Pleroma.

@james @la_ninpre thanks. I'll look at that.

@zethra @james @la_ninpre

For an extensive overview of related projects have a look at the three curated lists on showcasing fedi apps, clients and developer resources respectively.

@la_ninpre might be too minimal, but I'll give it a look.

@james @la_ninpre @zethra I tried that last week, but be warned itโ€™s still in Alpha and doesnโ€™t play well with most apps and non-Mastodon AP servers (eg Pleroma).